Dear Reader,

When you are part of a family like Canali and develop a business from generation to generation, a common identity trait emerges and is cultivated and refined over time.

 Politeness and moral integrity, the will to work well together and the courage to innovate, respect for people and their roots are some of the values that have inspired our company for almost 90 years.

Years in which we have strived to keep it rooted in our territory of origin and to expand it to other Italian territories of excellence, remaining faithful to Made in Italy.

A choice that has always rewarded us and that today takes on added meaning. In fact, Made in Italy is no longer just a synonym for beautiful and well-made products, but becomes an expression of a production system that is responsible towards the planet and people.

Consistent with our way of doing business, we wanted to measure our environmental footprint quantitatively and rigorously to prepare for the next steps. It is the care with which we take action that will still make a difference. And it is no coincidence that the project, which unites all our present and future commitments in the field of environmental and social sustainability, is called CAre, a synthesis of our name and the principles that animate our virtuous, responsible, and restorative actions. 

Reducing our environmental footprint, especially in terms of emissions, is the priority objective that has already led to a series of initiatives, from energy efficiency to circularity proposals and services to extend the life of our customers' wardrobes.

With CAre, not only are we transforming our vision of responsibility into a concrete program of actions but, by sharing it, we have the ambition of raising awareness of a topic of primary importance.

Along this hard and exciting path, our philosophy will remain the same: invest in the territory and the quality of our products, putting people at the center of everything.​