Fondazione Canali Onlus (FCO) was created from the desire of the Canali family to give life to a non-profit instrument of social utility that expresses and conveys the ethical values and the human and social responsibilities that are important to the family and lie at the foundation of the Group.

About us​

The primary objective of Fondazione Canali Onlus is to promote and sustain projects and initiatives related to social assistance, healthcare, charity, education and professional training, also but not exclusively through contributions to specialized institutions that carry out such activities.

To date, the foundation has supported numerous projects of small, medium and large proportions both in Italy and abroad. The driving consideration is always the concreteness and immediacy of the intervention; ‘Make a difference and make it now’ is one of the guidelines of FCO, which believes firmly in the importance of providing concrete and immediate support in every initiative involving the foundation, no matter the scale. The President of Fondazione Canali Onlus is Maria Grazia Canali, daughter of Eugenio Canali, Honorary Life President of the foundation.​​


Donations can be made through wire transfers to the following account:

IBAN: IT33 J030 6909 6061 0000 0075 861

Fondazione Canali is a duly recognized non-profit organization and therefore
any donation made enjoys fiscal benefits in accordance with the law. For further information, please contact us at info@fondazionecanali.it.​​