REspect means respect for people and planet. An imperative that, when related to People, translates into a strict code of ethics to protect moral integrity and the human factor, and when related to Planet, with the creation of a sustainability committee, constantly working to reduce consumption and emissions.


Canali is a family-owned business, it will be 90 years old in 2024 and from day one has put people first. No business decision has ever been made without considering its possible impact on people. It is not just about what is right but what is best for them. It is a governance ethic that puts people at the centre, valuing their uniqueness and individuality but also promoting a sense of belonging.​​

A 360-degree attention in the HR sphere, aimed at fostering and promoting an inclusive work environ-ment, through initiatives linked to staff training and attention to family and social needs, also thanks to the stipulation of insurance, social security and welfare coverage in order to provide employees and their loved ones with concrete support. In the last three years, almost half of the new employees have been under 30, women have been hired by almost 85%, and even though the company is entirely manufactured in Italy, 50 different nationalities are represented.


Responsibility for Canali is a commitment. An all-round vision that through a measurement of the environmental footprint of activities now allows the company to look constructively into the future. Canali has therefore created a sustainability committee constantly working to reduce consumption and emissions. On this assumption are based the concrete actions that the brand undertakes within its production facilities in terms of energy efficiency and the implementation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, in order to reduce environmental impact.​​​

Packaging: Labels, hangers, tissue paper, cellophane bags, and shoppers are 70% made from recycled material and see the elimination of about 3,000 kg/year of paper used.

Logistics: Canali is carrying out projects aimed at containing CO2eq emissions, specifically the air shipment of garments from Europe to all of Asia and the Americas in large hanging garment boxes as opposed to shipments in individual trunks, and the use of liquid methane gas vehicles for all internal logistics.

Renewable energy: Canali's commitment to purchase 100 per cent of the electricity from renewable sources, thereby reducing its direct emissions (scope 1 and 2, over which it has direct control) by 50 per cent within a year, or its total emissions by 10 per cent.

Self-producible energy: Canali has completed the installation of LED lamps in all the plants, as well as pho-tovoltaic systems, for a total of over 600,000kWh of self-producible electric energy in one year.​​​